Chris from Skins


When Joe Dempsie known as Chris in Skins died I nearly had a heart attack. It was outstanding to see him die and just as Jal told him that she was pregnant with his baby. Chris died because he had a blood clot on the brain. His brother had the same thing and died too because of it. Christopher’s dad went to Sids’ house and then told him that none of Chris’s family knew that Chris was a druggy and if you and your friends go they will find out and i would have to deal with it. Tony and Sid thought of stealing his coffin so that they could have their own funeral so they did when Christophers dad and dads friend were in the living room talking about the funeral. Tony and Sid went into the car withholding the coffin of Christopher Miles and took it out and tied it to the roof of the car and drove off. When they got back to the apartment Michelle and Jal told them to take it back so Tony and Sid did. When the funeral started all of them arrived but they was a littie higher so hopefully no one would see them. When the funeral started Jal started talking as loud as she could about Chris’s faviourite superhero Captain Cantinga and everyone could hear her. After Jal stopped talking and Chris’s father chucked the soil on the coffin Jal nodded at Tony and Tony nodded at someone else and before you know it fireworks went off.